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Martín Fierro, The Movie (2007)
US$61.25 US$44.98 Product code: AMDVD00061

Martin Fierro is an animation based on the book "El Gaucho Martin Fierro" of José Hernández, the most important work of Argentine literature. It is the history of a tragic hero, one of the thousands of gauchos that were recruited to fight against the Natives in the Arentine border of the Patagonia during the second half of the 19th century. The gauchos are recruited to despoil the Natives from their lands and to promote the advance of what we know as civilization to the territories conquered, annihilating the gaucho and his life style: to travel freely through the praries raising his cattle. Martin Fierro is separated from his family and sent to the border, where he was to serve the army. Fierro flees to return to his land and to his family, but when he arrives both have been snatched from him and becomes a deserter. His destiny now is to flee from justice. Soon Fierro understands that he will never recover what was lost and only his search for liberty remains. Duration: 90 min. Year of production: 2007 Rated: E Language: Spanish Subtitles: Does not it contain Extras: Theatrical trailer, advances of other movies, synopsis Direction: They establish norms for Ruiz & Liliana Romero Cast (voices) : Daniel Fanego, Hector Calori, Juan Carlos Gené, Claudio Rissi

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