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DVDs » Comedy
Incorregibles (2007)
US$49.98 Product code: AMDVD00069

Pedro, a first time robber, decides to break into a bank. Surrounded by Police, he manages to escape with a hostage , Pablo, who is the bank owner's son-in-law. Nevertheless, Pablo's in-law and his wife deside not to pay the ransom money with which Pedro expected to save his sister's live. Instead they try to kill Pablo. Both, Pedro and Pablo are confused. Evidentlly Pablo is a menace to his wife's family. Therefore they both want revenge. Together they carefully plan robberies against the father-in-law's banks. But as they are both audacious, unskilled and dazed, the robberies result in disaster. Finally, they discover that Pablo keeps precious menacing secrets about his father-in-law. In an almost impossible mission, they will have to carry out the perfect robbery where they will risk their lives. Duration: 85 minutes Year: 2007 Rated: E Audio: Spanish Subtitles: No Direction: Rodolfo Ledo Cast: Guillermo Francella, Dady Brieva, Gisela Go Lacke, Jorge Rivera López, Roberto Ibañez. Zone: 4

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