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DVDs » Comedy
The monster killers in the terror mansion (1987)
US$49.98 Product code: AMDVD00054

It is not a bank assault or a mighty battle against the evil ninjas, this time the "Z Brigade" will have to deal with terrible ghosts!!! The "Z Brigade" is hired to find out what happens at a mansion which is supposedly habitated by ghosts. The team will try to solve the mistery and calm the town, but for that they will need to fight these misterious monsters.
This is a fun comedy wich will fill you with much laughter.

Length: 82 min.
Year: 1987
Classification: General public
Language: Spanish
Director: Carlos Galettini
Cast: Emilio Disi, Alberto Fernández de Rosa, Berugo Carámbula y Gino Renni.
Zone: 4

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