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Musical Instruments » Wind Instruments » Flute
'Aymará'' American flute in Bambú
US$85.35 Product code: INSMUA099

Professional American Flute made by Agustín Mamani and guaranteed by professional Bolivian musicians with 6 fingerholes

Material: Bamboo
Mouthpiece: conic shape in Jacarandá wood
Frequency: 4.40
Tuning: Fa relative to re minor

Approx. Size
Lenght: 51 cm (19.89")
Width: 3 cm (1.17")

A flute produces sound when a stream of air directed across the top of a hole bounces in and out of the hole.The traverse flute is the forerunner of the modern Böhm flute and is offered in various wood varieties: pear wood, European boxwood, rosewood, grenadillo,jacaranda,etc.It has only one (to eight) keys.The traverse flute is much appreciated by lovers of Ancient Music and makes possible the interpretation of baroque flute music in its original tone.

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