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Living among the media - Leandro Zanoni
US$74.98 Product code: AMMAR00015

Author: Leandro Zanoni
Editorial: Marea
Publication year: April 2006
Pages: 272
Language: Spanish

Description: "Living among the media" tells the media story of Diego Maradona. His life told through the press and the most important reporters in the country: Enrique Macaya Márquez, Víctor Hugo Morales, Gonzalo Bonadeo, Pablo Llonto, Daniel Arcucci, Juan Pablo Varsky, Héctor Onesime, Jorge Lanata, Matías Martin, Fernando Niembro, Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, Luis Majul, Martín Liberman, Carlos Ares, Guillermo Blanco, Horacio del Prado.
More than 60 voices sharing anecdotes and the intimacy of the most significant moments in the life of the greatest argentinian idol. "Living among the media" includes articles, photos and front pages from the first time the Maradona last name appeared in the media until these days.

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